Acres Europe Tour December '17

After picking up Theo from Reading train station just over a year ago and sharing the car journey to Bristol having never met each other and barely spoken, we had an hour and a half to talk and learn about each other before we spent 3 days together in Wales with our good mutual friend Felix. 

After sharing a passion in photography which landed us on this trip together, I soon learnt that Theo is in a band called Acres, check them out, they are amazing. After many encounters after our trip to Wales, Theo asked how I'd feel about coming along and documenting the Acres European tour to end the year which I couldn't decline such an offer. Shooting live music was something that I was always interested in after seeing what my friend Matt Goff would magically create with his camera so this opportunity was special to me, especially because the band had put full trust in me with very minimal experience. 

10 days, 9 shows, 8 countries and lots of hours driving, you get to know people pretty well when you're cooped up in a van for such long periods of time. Each and every one of the guys were an absolute fucking pleasure to be around and I thank you all for making it such a pleasurable and eye opening experience, it easily contributed to one of the best years of my life. 

Thanks Acres, until next time! 

Also, if you happened to like the band, they are playing their first show of 2018 at The Sanctuary in Basingstoke, Hampshire on 14th Jan. Come down and say Hi! 

Ryan WinterbothamComment